Science Technology Innovation Research Conference

Vision 2030 outlines a number of flagship projectsin various sectors. Kenya is a known producer of raw materials especially agricultural produce such as tea,coffee, cotton and horticulture.Concern has oftenbeen raised in the past regarding the need to increase the level of manufacturing so that more value can be added to export products for increased income and creation of jobs in industry. Universities of technology such as the Technical University of Kenya can play a catalytic role in the industrial sector by promoting programmes which are relevant for manufacturing and processing of raw materials or improvement of quality of products produced by the Jua Kali industries. Indeed the academic programmes offered at TUK include entrepreneurship courses and industrial attachment as pre-requisites for their implementation and completion. This year’s TUK conference therefore aims at bringing together scientists from diverse disciplines including ICT, engineering, architecture, food science and technology,biomedical, health, applied sciences, business and social and technology studies to discuss, assess and release some of the research findings, local grown technologies and policies geared towards industrial and economic development for the realization of the national Vision 2030. This is the reason why this second science,technology and innovation research conference is broadbased unlike the theme of first conference held last year which featured heavily on environment. Besides,for last year’s conference, a number of papers were received and we could not accommodate all of them in the three days allocated for the conference. This year’s conference will therefore give a chance to those who did not have an opportunity to present their research activities in the first conference. To realize the objective of this year’s conference, it is expected that the call will be interdisciplinary, inter-university, inter-county, interministry and inter-national.