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2013 ISWI/SCOSTEP School on Space Sciences, Oct 21 - Nov 1 Nairobi Kenya

The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) and the Scientific Committee on Solar Terrestrial Physics (SCOSTEP) have been running advanced school in the area of solar terrestrial physics and space weather for a number of years, starting with the IHY 2007. This is a capacity building activity to introduce space science to as many countries as possible in the world and create favorable conditions for joint research and training especially for graduate students and young scientists from developing

countries. The primary focus is how the variability of the Sun affects Earth’s space environment and life on Earth. The 2013 school is designated as the African School and will take place in Nairobi, Kenya.

African scientists have been heavily involved in ISWI instruments, data, and research. In order to maximize the benefits from the ISWI instruments and the current data available from space and ground based instruments, a high level training of young students and researchers is very crucial. The African Space science School in 2013 will follow the tradition of previous schools held in Ethiopia, Slovakia, and Indonesia in providing quality training in space science by experts from the SCOSTEP and ISWI communities.

Note:The venue will be at The Kenya Institute of Education.

for more information contact the

Director Nat Gopalswamy (NASA/GSFC)


Prof. Paul Baki (Technical University of Kenya)




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