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Solar Physics

  • Solar Interior (J. Schou) - confirmed
  • Solar Dynamo (Mark Miesch ) - confirmed
  • Solar Atmosphere (John Raymond) - confirmed
  • Solar Flares and Coronal Mass ejections (Nat Gopalswamy) – confirmed
  • Energetic Particles from the Sun (Dalmiro Maia) - confirmed
  • Solar Wind and Interplanetary medium (Marius Potgieter)
  • Cosmic Rays (Marius Potgieter, Hashim Nadir)

Magnetospheric physics

  • Magnetospheric Physics (N. Ostgaard) confimed
  • Sun-Earth connection and space weather (Christine Amory Mazaudier) confirmed

Ionospheric Physics (B. Rabiu, Baki, F. D’Ujanga)
Atmospheric Physics  (F.-J. Luebken) - confirmed
Teacher workshop (Kevin Govendar, S. Murabana, Deborah Scherrer )
Instrument workshop (Davila, Yoshikawa, Monstein, Amory, Gopalswamy)
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You are here: Home >> Lecturers